Cassette Tapes To CD Transfer Service

Convert your precious vinyl LP albums to CDs and preserve them for a lifetime. Your new CD's will sound better than the old LP and you can now play them in your car!.  Cost for conversion of LPs is 15.95 each in quantities of 1 to 10 LP's, plus return shipping via UPS, FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.

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Our Process

Your cassette tape is played only once. We then use only high end professional audio equipment and professional audio software to clean up as much tape noise and hiss as possible.

We use Taiyo-Yuden CDs, the finest CDs available, and perform a multiple step conversion of your cassette tape to produce the best quality transfer that can we can obtain from the original tape.

If your cassette or microcassette needs repair, we can fix it. More Info.

What's Included

  • Digtally Convert your Cassettes to long lasting CDs

  • Noise Reduction - FREE (Examples)

  • Normalization (Amplification if needed)-   FREE
  • Indexing - FREE  More Info...
  • Removal of long dead spaces & space between sides-FREE

  • Slim Line Jewel Cases - FREE Artwork Examples

Because a CD can only hold 80 minutes we have to put 90 and 120 minute cassettes onto two CDs. More Info...

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