Video Tapes to DVD

We can transfer VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, MiniDV, Betamax and U-matic video tapes.

Convert your irreplaceable video tapes to long lasting DVDs. The average videotape is 15-20 years old and is quickly coming to the end of its life. You should convert your video tapes to DVD now because they won't wear with repeated play and have a shelf life of decades.

Your video tapes are susceptible to degradation and audio & video loss due to organic breakdown and natural demagnetizing. Once tapes begin to demagnetize, there's no stopping it and your tapes will fade away to nothing but static.

We use Taiyo-Yuden DVDs, the finest DVDs available. We will do a transfer of your two hour or less video tape to DVD for just $15.95.

We use top of the line Sony playback decks for our transfers to insure the highest quality product. We have converted thousands of Video tapes for our clients. With our experience, top notch equipment and software, we can save your video memories for a better viewing experience.

There are no clubs to join like many of our competitors.We offer very reasonable and also provide generous discounts for large collections.

We can also provide additional copies of your master DVD for your friends and family or backup, they're just 6.95 each and will be exactly the same as the first DVD. 


What's Included

  • Digital Transfer of your Video to DVD, done right here, we do not outsource our transfers.

  • Title screen and transition 

  • Equalization if needed

  • Normalization if needed - Volume increase to commercial levels

  • Removal of long dead spaces and dead space between starts and stops of filming

  • Jewel Cases with Full Color Labels

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